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happiness is a sharp chisel

Time at Ye Olde Stone School becomes about so much more than learning traditional stone craft.

That’s what amazes people, that’s what they talk about.

Learning how to split, chisel and build doesn’t happen in isolation.

Wherever our workshops are running, there’s lots going on.

For starters we’re in a natural environment, which is always great.

And, we learn from each other – as we build, we all grow.

That’s the magic of ye olde stone.

“It’s not just about creating a pretty wall to impress, its about expressing yourself in what you build,” says Ye Olde Stone School founder Damian Cudmore.

“The feedback from participants is not only about what they created, but how they felt about the experience – the satisfaction and fulfilment they gained.”

Damian likes to say…

‘as the thing is made, the maker becomes’

And that’s how the stone rolls at each Ye Olde Stone School workshop.

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